Why work with us?

We are on a mission to help our customers focus on testing their Ideas, building their businesses and realizing their dreams. When we are working with a business we aim to make their migrations as smooth as possible and answer any questions ahead of time.

  • Migration assistance

    Immediate, on-demand, proof-of-concept support for your migration, so you’re never left wondering what’s going on or what will happen next.

  • Support & service

    Technical experts and dedicated account managers provide ongoing guidance and support.

  • Control your costs

    Our transparent, predictable pricing ensures that you know what you’ll always know what you’re paying. Period.

We’re a small company, and we monitor our costs very closely. If we were to use AWS for everything, our costs would be around $55,000 more per month than they are with DigitalOcean. We wouldn’t be able to compete in certain products.

David Shifley

CTO, RouteTrust

The biggest impact on Coursicle – and why we’re staying with DigitalOcean – is the way they flipped typical customer service behavior on its head. DigitalOcean’s support team would spend extra time checking whether we were satisfied. They’d send follow ups to make sure everything was good. They cared about building a good experience for us.

Joe Puccio

Cofounder of Coursicle

We partnered with DigitalOcean because of the similarity of our target audiences, the goal of DigitalOcean’s technology partnerships, and the importance of building the best DevOps experience for our customers.

Douglas Cherry

Cofounder of Snapt